Oral Health Resolutions for the New Year

NY Resolutions

Happy New Year!

As we start off 2016, many people have begun making resolutions and putting them into action. From wanting to exercise more to spending more time with family, there are so possibilities. That is the wonderful thing about New Year’s resolutions – you are free to do what works for you.

While you are making your list of resolutions for 2016, don’t forget about your mouth. Here are eight oral health goals that you may want to set.

1. Visit the dentist regularly. It is recommended that patients visit the dentist every six months for a cleaning. That means that if you schedule a cleaning this January, it will be time for your next visit in July.

2. Make brushing & flossing a priority. Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time. In addition, floss once each day. You have probably heard this before, but it is so easy to push oral hygiene aside during a busy morning or when we’re tired before bed. Set aside time for a proper daily oral hygiene routine.

3. Cut back on sugary foods and drinks. Sodas, desserts, candies, and other sugary treats are delicious, but they can cause damage to your teeth. For example, the acid in soda wears down enamel, while the sugar increases the production of plaque and may lead to tooth decay. Try drinking sodas in moderation and drinking water while consuming foods with a high sugar content.

4. Change your toothbrush regularly. Manual toothbrushes and electric toothbrush heads should be replaced every three months. If the bristles of a toothbrush look worn, it is probably time to replace it.

5. Know the warning signs of gum disease. It is a common misconception that it is normal for gums to bleed during brushing or flossing. However, this is not true. If the bleeding persists, schedule an appointment with your periodontist.

6. Break those bad habits. Certain habits can damage your teeth. This includes chewing ice, biting your fingernails, using your teeth to open bottles and/or packages, and grinding your teeth. Break these bad habits and protect your teeth from being chipped or cracked.

7. Consider dental implants when replacing missing teeth. Dental implants are an effective solution to replacing missing teeth. They are sturdy enough for those who have them to eat normally, as well as aesthetically pleasing. If you need one or more teeth replaced, consider making an appointment with your periodontist to see if you are a candidate for dental implants.

8. Clean your tongue! You should brush your tongue every time you brush your teeth to remove any build up. There are also tongue scrapers that you can purchase.

No matter what resolutions you set for 2016, we wish you the best of luck in meeting your goals. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our office.
Take care of your smile!