California Puts the Spotlight on Innovations in Dental Technology

Technology is amazing, and we are certainly living in a time when people are always on the lookout for something new and better. This desire for improvement is ever-present in the field of dentistry, as well. Companies are constantly releasing new products that allow dentists and dental specialists to provide their patients with better care. Our office proudly uses the Trios Intraoral Scanner and The Wand to improve our patients’ experiences.

At their May meeting, the California Dental Association (CDA) showcased several other innovations in dental technology. A few of the products featured were the Philips Sonicare and Zoom product lines, as well as the
OralChroma. Special thanks to Dentistry Today for providing coverage of the event!

Philips Sonicare and Zoom

Philips is known within the dental community for providing high-quality electric toothbrushes. In the video below, Amanda Fernandez discusses some of the company’s latest toothbrush at whitening products.

If you are interested in any of the products mentioned in the video, use these links to grt more information:


Everyone has dealt with halitosis (“bad breath”) at some point in their lives. To get to the root of the problem, The OralChroma tests the gases in a patient’s mouth to determine what the cause of the bad breath is.


You can learn more about the other products that were on display at  CDA Presents by  visiting Dentistry Today’s live blog.

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Anesthesia That Works Like Magic

We are excited to offer top-notch local anesthesia technology!

One of the main issues that often come to mind when patients think about visiting the dentist is pain. This is understandable, but the  good news is that advancements in medical technology have allowed dentists to greatly minimize the pain that their patients feel during a procedure. Our office uses The Wand, a machine that makes receiving local anesthesia a more comfortable experience for our patients.

How does The Wand work its magic?

The Wand uses computer-regulated flow rates and dynamic pressure sensing to deliver anesthesia with little pain. Our goal is to have anesthesia effectively delivered so that there is as little discomfort as possible felt during the delivery of the anesthesia as well as during the procedure overall. Less discomfort and pain means less anxiety for the patient.

This video from the Dental Wellness Center shows The Wand in action:

Why is The Wand better?

As Sandilands Dental Studio points out, most of the discomfort felt during an injection occurs “because the anesthetic was fired in too quickly.” Having the computer deliver the anesthesia allows it to be injected as slowly as possible, and the slower the more comfortable.



We hope that our use of The Wand will put you more at ease the next time you come in for a procedure that requires local anesthesia. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call us at (919) 468-6410.

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Making a Great Impression


If you wore braces,  you might remember being fitted for a retainer. A metal or plastic tray filled with a thick, goopy substance was placed in your mouth so that the orthodontist could make a mold. You may have wanted to gag, and you probably had residue on your face and mouth after the tray was removed.

Impressions are neccessary for purposes other than making retainers. For example, Dr. Kazmer uses impressions when making the crown for a dental implant. The good news is that here at our office, we can now take impressions without the use of uncomfortable mouth trays, thanks to the TRIOS Intraoral Scanner.

We are so excited to have a Trios Intraoral Scanner in the office!

The Trios creates digital impressions of the mouth using a camera, and the impression shows up on the computer screen as the impression is taken. The digital impression uses realistic colors, so that Dr. Kazmer can pick the tooth shade that is best for your mouth when making implant crowns.

Here at the office, we are both grateful and excited to have new technology that can make the impression process more comfortable for our patients, while still offering amazing results.

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