5 Local Restaurants/Bakeries That Make Us Smile

Here at the office, we work hard – and all that hard work sure does work up an appetite! While we’re no restaurant critics, there are several places near Cary that we really enjoy eating at. Whether you are new to town or a long-time resident looking for new dishes/restaurants to try, we hope this list helps you find your new favorite dining spot.

#1: Amante Gourmet Pizza

Amante Gourmet Pizza
Photo Courtesy: Amante Gourmet Pizza NC
  • Where: Park Place Shopping Center, Morrisville, NC
  • What: Pizza (of course!), salads, sandwiches, and pasta
  • Why We Love It: Amante’s pizza truly lives up to the title “gourmet.” Their thin crust pizza has a crust with just the right amount of crunch and rise. The cheese and tomato sauce serve as the perfect compliment to the toppings. If you are a fan of buffalo chicken or don’t mind something spicy, their buffalo chicken wrap is worth a try, too!
  • Website: amantepizza.com

#2: GoodyBox Cupcakes

Photo Courtesy: GoodyBox Cupcakes
  • Where: Park Place Shopping Center, Morrisville, NC **UPDATE: Goodybox Cupcakes is moving to a new location! Their bakery at the location listed in this post is now CLOSED. They have not announced their new location yet.**
  • What: Cupcakes, cakes, and cookies
  • Why We Love It: Dentists are allowed to have a sweet tooth too, right? (Remember to  eat desserts in moderation, everyone.) GoodyBox is family owned and offers a small, but certainly tasty, selection of cupcakes. The Cookie Monster cupcake is must try, as it is topped with a piece of one of GoodyBox’s delicious chocolate chip cookies – a cupcake and a cookie? That’s the best of both worlds!
  • Website: goodyboxcupcakes.com

#3: Once in a Blue Moon Bakery

Photo Courtesy: Once in a Blue Moon Bakery
  • Where: 115 W Chatham St, Cary, NC 27511
  • What: Cakes and other baked goods, breakfast & lunch
  • Why We Love It: We’re not all about sweet treats and junk food, we promise. But we do try to take birthdays seriously around here, and for us birthday=cake! We have bought several cakes from Blue Moon, and the cakes containing strawberry or raspberry filling seem to be the most requested among staff. The fresh flavor of the cakes, as well as their light and airy texture, are what makes them so unique.
  • Website: bluemoonbakery.com

#4: Los Tres Magueyes

  • Where: Park Place Shopping Center, Morrisville, NC
  • What: Mexican food, including nachos, burritos, quesadillas, and enchiladas
  • Why We Love It: If you like Mexican food, Los Tres Magueys is definitely a place that you should try. Their food is simple, yet delicious. I have never been disappointed by a meal that I had here, and the chips & queso and sweet tea have always served as the perfect compliment to my main meal.
  • Menu: places.singleplatform.com

#5: La Farm Bakery

  • Where: 4248 NW Cary Pkwy, Cary, NC 27513
  • What: An authentic French bakery!
  • Why We Love It: What’s not to love about the delicious, fresh baked goods that La Farm offers? From bread, to pastries, to a cafe serving breakfast, brunch, and lunch/dinner there is a lot to try at this Cary staple.
  • Website: https://www.lafarmbakery.com

Do you have a favorite restaurant in or near Cary, NC? If so, tell us about in the comments below!

Take care of your smile!



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