Anesthesia That Works Like Magic

We are excited to offer top-notch local anesthesia technology!

One of the main issues that often come to mind when patients think about visiting the dentist is pain. This is understandable, but the  good news is that advancements in medical technology have allowed dentists to greatly minimize the pain that their patients feel during a procedure. Our office uses The Wand, a machine that makes receiving local anesthesia a more comfortable experience for our patients.

How does The Wand work its magic?

The Wand uses computer-regulated flow rates and dynamic pressure sensing to deliver anesthesia with little pain. Our goal is to have anesthesia effectively delivered so that there is as little discomfort as possible felt during the delivery of the anesthesia as well as during the procedure overall. Less discomfort and pain means less anxiety for the patient.

This video from the Dental Wellness Center shows The Wand in action:

Why is The Wand better?

As Sandilands Dental Studio points out, most of the discomfort felt during an injection occurs “because the anesthetic was fired in too quickly.” Having the computer deliver the anesthesia allows it to be injected as slowly as possible, and the slower the more comfortable.



We hope that our use of The Wand will put you more at ease the next time you come in for a procedure that requires local anesthesia. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call us at (919) 468-6410.

Take care of your smile!


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