Making a Great Impression


If you wore braces,  you might remember being fitted for a retainer. A metal or plastic tray filled with a thick, goopy substance was placed in your mouth so that the orthodontist could make a mold. You may have wanted to gag, and you probably had residue on your face and mouth after the tray was removed.

Impressions are neccessary for purposes other than making retainers. For example, Dr. Kazmer uses impressions when making the crown for a dental implant. The good news is that here at our office, we can now take impressions without the use of uncomfortable mouth trays, thanks to the TRIOS Intraoral Scanner.

We are so excited to have a Trios Intraoral Scanner in the office!

The Trios creates digital impressions of the mouth using a camera, and the impression shows up on the computer screen as the impression is taken. The digital impression uses realistic colors, so that Dr. Kazmer can pick the tooth shade that is best for your mouth when making implant crowns.

Here at the office, we are both grateful and excited to have new technology that can make the impression process more comfortable for our patients, while still offering amazing results.

Take Care of Your Smile!




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