For Dentists, the Studying Doesn’t End After Dental School

Before any student can become a doctor or dentist, they must commit to completing the many years of schooling required to earn their degree. And for many dentists, the learning doesn’t stop there. There are continuing education (CE) courses available to these professionals.

Continuing Education Requirements

In the U.S., most states require dentists to earn a certain amount of credit hours within a given time frame. Certain states also have more specific requirments. For example, in North Carolina dentists must be certified in CPR (or another type of Life Support).

Study Club

One way that dentists can earn CE credits is through joining a study club. Study clubs are designed to offer dental professsionals engaging ways to interact with others in the field, while also being presented with useful information. Dr. Kazmer heads his own club, the Southern Wake Dental Institute.

This video from Seattle Study Club provides more information about the purpose of study clubs.


If you aren’t a dentist, you may be wondering, “What does this mean for me?” People of all ages and professions have something in common – we all need to visit the dentist. As patients, we can rest assured that our dentists are not just qualified due to their degrees, but that they are continuing their education frequently.

To learn more about continuing education requirements for dentists, or study clubs through the Seattle Study Club, please visit the following links:

Take care of your smile!


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