5 Things That Patients Think While at the Dentist

Happy Friday!

We may be a periodontal office, but we still know what it’s like to be a dental patient. After all, we here at Kazmer Perio have to go to the dentist, too. So, here are 5 things that patients often think while at the dentist. Sit back and get ready to laugh!

1. I haven’t flossed in a while. Maybe the dentist won’t notice.


For those who floss regularly, answering the dentist’s questions is no big deal. Others, however, may not have been keeping track. That’s okay, no one’s perfect.

2. I don’t have any cavities. Woohoo!


Whether or not you’ve had cavities before, I think we can all agree that hearing the dentist say that you don’t need fillings is a big relief. And a perfect excuse to treat yourself after the appointment – to something relatively healthy and low in sugar, of course. Apple slices, anyone?

3. What flavor of toothpaste do I want? Mint, definitely mint. 


While children may enjoy fun flavors like bubble gum, cinnamon, and cookie dough, most of us older folks prefer classic mint flavor.

4. I hope the hygienist doesn’t forget to give me my free toothbrush!


Everyone loves free stuff, right?

5. Phew. I can go home now.


Once the whole ordeal is over (hopefully your experience wasn’t actually bad), you are probably so ready to leave that you almost forget that you have to come back in six months. That is, until the receptionist asks when you would like to schedule your next appointment for.

Have a great weekend and take care of your smile!

*Memes inspired by popular memes on Internet


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