Healthy Eating & Your Oral Health

Everything that we consume first enters our body through our mouths. Our teeth are responsible for shredding our food, making it easier to swallow. However, when we eat certain foods – such as sugary snacks – they can damage to our teeth and possibly lead to other oral health problems.

What Not to Eat

  • Treacherous Treats – Foods that contain a large a large amount of sugar truly are misleading. These delectable
    Purple Soda
    Sodas pose a double threat: the acid wears down enamel and the sugar fuels the production of plaque.
    (Photo Source: Pink Sherbet Photography)

    goodies can put a smile on any sweet tooth’s face, but eat too many treats and your mouth is sure to suffer the consequences. Harmful bacteria feeds off sugar, leading to the creation of plaque and other problems such as weakened enamel, gum disease, and even tooth loss.

  • Hard Foods: They’re Nuts – Hard foods such as peanuts and ice pose a threat to your oral health. When you bite down on something hard, you risk chipping or cracking your tooth. This includes extremely hard candies and even inedible objects, such as pencils and silverware.
  • Sizzling Sodas – Sodas are a common beverage that can be purchased almost anywhere. You may want to think twice before picking up a soda while you are in the check out line, though. These drinks pose a double threat: the acid wears down enamel and just like desserts, the sugar in soda fuels the production of plaque. It is also important to be mindful of how much fruit juice – orange juice in particular – that you consume because these drinks are also high in acid and can damage your enamel.
red apples
Crisp fruits like apples help clean your teeth while you chew them.
(Photo Source: Alice Henneman)

What to Eat

  • Things That Go Crunch – Crisp fruits and vegetables such as carrots and apples are good for your teeth. These foods help clean your teeth while you chew them.
  • Milk: It isn’t Just for Kids – People of all ages should make an effort to consume  calcium-rich foods, such as milk and cheese. The calcium helps keep teeth strong.
  • Water: While water is not the choice of beverage for some, it is a good idea to try and drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated can help prevent bad breath and dry mouth, and can help those with chronic Dry Mouth conditions. (TIP: Find out how much water you are supposed to drink). Also, drinking water after eating foods that are high in sugar can help rinse out your mouth.

Some of the foods on our “bad” list are loved by many. If you are thinking, “I can’t give up brownies!” – or peanuts, or soda, or chewing ice, or any of your other favorite foods – that is OK. We do not ask that you stop eating any food that can harm your teeth, but simply that you enjoy some of the more harmful foods in moderation and be careful when you do. No matter what you eat, be sure to brush & floss each day to remove food particles and keep your smile looking great!

For more healthy eating tips, follow our office’s “Healthy Eating” board on Pinterest.

Take care of your smile!


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